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Debt Relief, Made Simple.

Dependable Bankruptcy Law Firm in Belleville, Illinois!

Whether you are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of a job loss, divorce, medical bills, or even credit card debt, filing for bankruptcy can help you get a fresh financial start. At Katz and Wulff P.C. our attorneys can help you file for bankruptcy relief which prevents your creditors from collecting debts until they are sorted out according to the law. Our bankruptcy law firm has been helping the Belleville, Illinois area get the financial help that they deserve for over 20 years. The attorneys at our firm are experienced and qualified individuals that will advise you on bankruptcy topics such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt settlement, and student loan debt. Contact us today at (800) 339-0009 for a free case review!

What Our Clients Say

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Belleville, IL

Our attorneys at Katz and Wulff P.C. will work with you to find the best bankruptcy solution for your financial situation. If Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option for your case, we will file your petition with the court and help you through every stage of the process. Although Chapter 7 has negative connotations surrounding it, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Our experienced and professional attorneys will ensure you are well taken care of and walk away with complete client satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing the Belleville, IL area with reliable Chapter 7 bankruptcy guidance when it is needed. Contact us today to learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Belleville, IL

Do you think Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a better choice for your case? Our professional attorneys at Katz and Wulff P.C. can assess your case and provide the appropriate assistance needed to ensure Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right financial solution for you. If we believe this is the right choice for your case, we will provide the legal help you need from filing your petition to working with the Chapter 13 trustee and creditors for you to obtain the approval of your Chapter 13 plan.

At our law firm, we strive to provide dependable Chapter 13 bankruptcy guidance for the Belleville, Illinois area. Not sure if Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right solution for you? You can contact our office to get your free case review!

Debt Settlement in Belleville, IL

At Katz and Wulff P.C. we offer the Belleville, Illinois community the legal guidance they need when filing for a debt settlement. Our firm has been practicing exclusively in bankruptcy for over 20 years and can provide the knowledge and assistance to ensure you get the financial relief you deserve. We strive to earn your trust by dedicating our time to your case so that you get the best possible outcome for your case.

A debt settlement is a process of negotiating with your creditors for debt such as credit card debt to reduce the overall debt you owe in exchange for a large payment. Are you interested in filing for debt settlement? We can provide a free case review to ensure this is the best financial solution for you.

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Student Loan Debt in Belleville, IL

With so many types of student loans out there such as private and federal loans, there are also a lot of repayment choices available to choose from. Most people, however, are not aware of the repayment choices available to them and will accept the repayment choice that is given to them without hesitation.

At Katz and Wulff P.C. we can help college graduates in Belleville, Illinois discover alternative repayment plans for their student loan debt that might work better for their financial situation. The attorneys at our law firm have over 20 years of experience working with student loan debt and are the professionals you want to call for assistance. Call our office to learn more about our student loan debt services.


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