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Karl J. Wulff


Karl J. Wulff

Karl Wulff is the firm’s principal attorney. He is a proud father of three kids, a pilot, and United States Navy veteran who served as a flight deck crewman onboard the aircraft carriers U.S.S. Tripoli and U.S.S. Saratoga on active and reserve duty from 1987 through 1993. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Webster University in 1993 and his Juris Doctor degree from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1996. Mr. Wulff is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and is a founding member of the Bankruptcy Association of Southern Illinois (BASIL). A frequent speaker at seminars on the topic of bankruptcy law, Mr. Wulff’s practice has been concentrated in consumer bankruptcy for more than twenty years, during which time he has represented over six thousand individuals and small businesses in bankruptcy cases. Mr. Wulff is admitted to practice in Illinois and Missouri, as well as the United States Judicial Districts of Southern Illinois, Central Illinois and Eastern Missouri.

Why Choose Us

We Strive to Earn Your Trust

We will never just tell you “this is what you need to do” and ask you to simply “trust us”. We take the time to sit with you and explain the process thoroughly, listen to your concerns, and answer your questions. In fact, before your case is ever filed we will usually be able to tell you exactly what will happen and when, and what the outcome will be before you ever commit money or time to preparing your filing. Trust is something that needs to be earned, and we will strive from the very first day to earn yours. MORE THAN HALF OF OUR NEW CLIENTS ARE REFERRALS FROM OLD CLIENTS. That alone should confirm the level of client satisfaction we have achieved with our one-on-one approach to handling cases.

We Only Handle Bankruptcy

Our firm practices exclusively in bankruptcy. Since bankruptcy is the exclusive focus of our practice, we are familiar with all of the most recent court decisions and changes in procedure, down to the most mundane, parochial details. This ensures that you will not run into any surprises after your case is filed. The amendments to the bankruptcy statute enacted in 2005 are filled with traps for the unwary bankruptcy practitioner. Under the “new” law, also called the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 or simply “BAPCPA”, law firms handling bankruptcy cases for consumer debtors must exercise due diligence in verifying the accuracy of bankruptcy filings and must provide disclosures to their clients. These new requirements never really affected the way Katz & Wulff handles bankruptcy cases because we have always worked extremely hard to research and verify the information that is presented to the court, to the best of our ability.

Meet Directly With An Attorney

All meetings before and during your bankruptcy case are with an attorney and all meetings with that attorney are free of charge. Our office has helped thousands of people from all walks of life avoid financial catastrophe, keep homes and cars, eliminate debt and restore their families’ financial health.

We Work Fast

Your filing is usually ready to go within a day or two after your first meeting with the attorney. When you come in to the office to review and sign your petition during your second appointment, assuming you have given us all of the information we have requested, your petition will be filed with the court electronically right then and there. You will walk out of that second appointment with a case number, with the protection of a court injunction barring your creditors from talking to you or pursuing collection in any way, and the date and time of your meeting with the trustee. We will never hold your case for “batch filing” with other cases, which only serves the convenience of the lawyer. We will file your case right away when you are ready.

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Affiliates and Organizations

nacba logo

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

NACBA is the only national organization dedicated to serving the needs of consumer bankruptcy attorneys and protecting the rights of consumer debtors in bankruptcy. Formed in 1992, NACBA now has more than 2500 members located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

NACBA has also played a critical role in many important court cases affecting the rights of consumer bankruptcy debtors by filing amicus briefs in U.S. Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court, with many of those case decisions influenced by NACBA’s participation. In addition, NACBA provides the most comprehensive educational programs in the country for consumer bankruptcy attorneys with its annual convention and workshop seminars.

basil logo

Bankruptcy Association of Southern Illinois

BASIL was formed in 2004 by a group of Southern Illinois debtor and creditor attorneys, bankruptcy trustees and court staff as a forum for discussion of issues of importance to bankruptcy practice in the Southern District of Illinois.

BASIL presents annual continuing legal education seminars, and also provides opportunities for additional training, dissemination and outreach programs concerning bankruptcy practitioners. BASIL also organizes volunteer committees that make recommendations to improve and preserve the integrity of the bankruptcy system in Southern Illinois.

illinois state bar association logo

Illinois State Bar Association

The Illinois State Bar Association was founded as an organization by and for lawyers in 1877. As stated in the organization’s constitution: “The Association is formed to cultivate the science of jurisprudence, to promote reform in the law, to facilitate the administration of justice, to elevate the standard of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, to encourage a thorough and liberal legal education, and to cherish a spirit of brotherhood among the members thereof.”

Madison County Bar Association

The Madison County Bar Association is a legal organization of over 400 attorneys serving the needs of the attorneys and residents of Madison County, Illinois, part of the greater St. Louis metro-area. The Association exists as both a network of legal professionals as well as a legal resource for the communities and citizens of Madison County, Illinois. To promote these ends, the members of the Madison County Bar Association engage in community outreach programs and events throughout the year including Law Day and the People’s Law School. Additionally, the Association sponsors events and educational opportunities for its members to better serve their clients and the public.


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