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Legal Assistance For Bankruptcy In Collinsville, IL

If bills are starting to add up and you feel hamstrung by soaring debt, Katz & Wulff, P.C. is here to help. Attorney Karl J. Wulff has worked with over six thousand individuals throughout Southern Illinois to assist in reducing or eliminating debt. Through the process of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Attorney Karl J. Wulff can help you:

  • End Creditor Harassment
  • Prevent Foreclosure on Your Home
  • Stop Vehicle Repossession
  • Protect Your Personal Property
  • Keep and Protect Your Retirement Savings
  • Erase Credit Card Debt

Medical bills, payday loan debt, credit card debt, deficiency debt related to home foreclosures and car repossessions, and past due utility bills can all be discharged in bankruptcy.

Debt Management Resources In Collinsville

Freedom from debt does not have to be a lonely and confusing task. In addition to our legal assistance, there are many resources available to individuals looking to improve their finances. From financial advisors to accountants, there are plenty of businesses available to assist you in or around Collinsville.

Why Katz & Wulff, P.C.?

Growing debt can cause stress that can eventually lead people to make irrational decisions. Those who don’t know all of their legal options might take ill-advised actions to try to address their financial situation, such as:

  • Unnecessarily liquidating retirement accounts to pay debts
  • Taking out cash advances on credit cards, which grow outstanding debt
  • Stressing relationships with friends or family by borrowing money
  • Writing bad checks (possibly resulting in prosecution or higher bank fees)
  • Taking out payday loans with rates as high as 300%
  • Gambling in hopes of winning money to pay back debt
  • Engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities to earn money
  • Selling protected assets

It is extremely important to seek competent legal counsel before making any rash decisions regarding your debt situation. The things you do now can have consequences that may follow you for the rest of your life. If you feel weighed down by debt, you should consult a knowledgeable Collinsville bankruptcy attorney.

Moreover, when you contact Katz & Wulff you will speak directly with founding attorney, Karl J. Wulff. Karl’s more than twenty (20) years of experience gives him the ability to assist in fixing and rebuilding your financial life in addition to helping eliminate debt. Schedule a free initial consultation with Karl by filling out a contact form or calling (618)345-6966.


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