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Bankruptcy Filing Assistance in Effingham, IL

Katz & Wulff, P.C. and Attorney Karl J. Wulff are proud to offer legal bankruptcy services to Effingham, IL and the surrounding Southern Illinois area. After over two decades of practicing bankruptcy law, our firm has helped thousands of clients successfully navigate the federal bankruptcy process and how it affects those living in Illinois. Katz & Wulff, P.C. concentrates in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. By choosing bankruptcy, we can help you:

  • End Creditor Harassment
  • Prevent Foreclosure on Your Home
  • Stop Vehicle Repossession
  • Protect Your Personal Property
  • Keep and Protect Your Retirement Savings
  • Erase Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt, payday loan debt, medical expenses, deficiency debt related to car repossessions and home foreclosures, and utility expenses can all be cancelled under bankruptcy law in Illinois.

Debt Management Near Effingham

Working your way to financial freedom is not easy. Luckily, a better financial position is something that you do not have to pursue on your own. There are a handful of local business and financial institutions scattered throughout Effingham that can aid you in your quest to eliminate debt.

Why Katz & Wulff, P.C.?

When money gets tight, most individuals begin feeling a sense of desperation and stress. Unfortunately, desperate times tend to lead to desperate measures, which typically are not financially sound courses of action. In the face of overwhelming debt, many debtors fall into the trap of making bad financial decisions to alleviate debt. Such decisions include, but are not limited to:

  • Borrowing money from family and friends
  • Writing bad checks
  • Taking out cash advances on credit cards
  • Mistakenly selling assets protected from creditors
  • Liquidating retirement accounts to make bill payments
  • Engaging in fraudulent/illegal activity
  • Securing loans from payday loan companies at interest rates well over 50%

Before doing something you may come to regret, contact a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney. A local Southern Illinois attorney can sit down with you to review your unique case and help you weigh all of your options. In meeting with an attorney, you’ll be able to walk away with the best course of action completely laid out for you.

Even better, when you contact Katz & Wulff, P.C., you will receive advice from an attorney with more than twenty years of bankruptcy experience. A consultation with firm founder Karl J. Wulff will provide you with the information you need to get your finances back on track. Schedule your free initial consultation today.


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