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What Our Clients Say

Legal Assistance for Bankruptcy Claims in Edwardsville, IL

If your expenses are piling up and you’re feeling trapped by mounting debt, Katz & Wulff, P.C. can assist in your bankruptcy claims. Attorney Karl J. Wulff has helped over 6,000 people in Edwardsville, Illinois, and the surrounding areas lower or eliminate their rising debt through a variety of legal assistance programs and legal intervention. Attorney Karl J. Wulff can assist you with the following throughout the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy process:

  • Stop Creditor Harassment
  • Stop Foreclosure on Your Home
  • Stop Vehicle Repossession
  • Protect Your Personal Property
  • Keep and Protect Your Retirement Savings
  • Erase Credit Card Debt

When it comes to filing bankruptcy, everything from medical expenses, payday loan debt, credit card debt, and deficiency debt from house foreclosures to vehicle repossessions and past due utility bills are all eligible for bankruptcy discharge.

Debt Management Resources In Edwardsville

Debt relief does not have to be a lonely or perplexing process. Individuals seeking to better their finances have access to a variety of options in addition to our legal help. There are a variety of companies in and near Edwardsville, IL such as Katz & Wulff P.C., that are here to help you every step of the way. The only thing separating you from financial freedom is a call to one of our legal advisors, so contact our office today.

Why Katz & Wulff, P.C.?

Having an increasing amount of debt is bound to create plenty of stress, which can lead to individuals making illogical choices. Those who are unaware of all of their legal alternatives may adopt ill-advised steps to resolve their financial problems, such as:

  • Taking funds from retirement accounts to pay debts
  • Using cash advances on credit cards that increase your outstanding debt
  • Straining relationships with loved ones by borrowing money
  • Writing bad checks (possibly resulting in prosecution or higher bank fees)
  • Taking out payday loans with rates as high as 300%
  • Gambling to win money and resolve debt
  • Engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities to earn money
  • Selling protected assets

Before making any hasty choices about your debt position, it is critical to obtain professional legal advice. What you do today has the potential to have long-term repercussions. If you’re drowning in debt, we recommend speaking with one of our competent Edwardsville, IL bankruptcy attorneys.

When you call Katz & Wulff P.C., our founding attorney, Karl J. Wulff will be here to discuss any financial alternatives available to help you gain control over your income and debt.

With more than 20 years in the legal business, Karl is here to aid you in repairing and rebuilding your financial life, as well as assisting you in debt elimination. Fill out our contact form or call (800) 339-0009 to schedule a free first consultation.


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